First Aid Course Ingolstadt for Driving License

First Aid Course Ingolstadt

  • First Aid Course for Driving License
  • First Aid Course in English in Ingolstadt City centre
  • Course location: 900m from Main Train Station
  • Free Eye Test after the Class (seperate location)

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Course Fee

Course fee is €79 and you can pay online here

Start time: 10am

Course date

Courses take place on Saturdays and next class can be booked here

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First Aid Course

For anybody interested in obtaining their German driving license in Ingolstadt, we provide a first-aid training in English. Everything you need to know about giving basic first aid will be covered in this course, which is being taught by qualified experts who speak English well. This course will give you the assurance you need to manage any emergency scenario, regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or you just want to brush up on your abilities. Hence, join right now to receive the training required for a license and to be ready for everything the road may throw at you.

First Aid Courses for Driving License

First Aid training is required before applying for a driving license. All levels of license holders in Ingolstadt can take our First Aid courses. The instructors, who have significant experience in the emergency services, ensure that participants are well-informed on all aspects of saving lives and that there is no risk of growing bored during the on-site First Aid training. 

First Aid Course in English

Course duration:

9 Chapters (45 minutes each).

The First Aid course consists of nine 45-minute classes. In addition to the fact that passing the driving test requires passing the First Aid course, the information presented in the course has practical relevance for both the present and the future. In many situations, it also contributes to lifesaving.

Course content

What do I need to bring to the First Aid course?

Biometric passport photos

The duration of our first aid training is 6 to 7 hours, or 7 hours and 15 minutes, plus breaks. It generally consists of elements that must be learned before submitting an application for a driving license, both theoretical and practical. Anatomy, physiology, and pathology are all subjects covered in the theoretical section. The next step is a hands-on activity where we practice using bandages, splints, and other common treatments. Lastly, we practice typical accident scenarios so that we may learn how to respond in an emergency. The entire course is intended to provide us with the abilities and information required to render basic first aid in a range of circumstances.

Our first aid course includes a free eye exam, which is also required before submitting an application for a driving license in Ingolstadt. You will have a thorough examination from our ophthalmologist, who will then certify your eligibility for a driver’s license. Also, you will learn how to maintain the health of your eyes. Your ophthalmologist will assist you with completing the driving license application. In order to provide you the certificate of successful completion of the first aid course, he will also email us the results of the eye test.

In Germany, where health and safety laws are fairly strict, passing a first aid course is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a driver’s license. The training teaches drivers how to react in an emergency, including how to use a defibrillator and conduct CPR. In the event of an accident or medical emergency while driving, first aid training is crucial.

You must make an appointment with the Bürgeramt within two years of the course’s commencement date. If the deadline is missed, you must repeat the course.


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