German Bank Account

Open a German Bank Account – The requirements to open a bank account in Germany are the same for most banks:

  • A proof of German residency (your Meldebescheinigung). Some banks let you open an account without one.
  • A proof of identity (your passport)

Some banks also require a minimum income or some financial history in Germany, and will sometimes refuse business to foreigners and candidates with bad credit. 

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The mobile bank
0 per month
  • €0/month!
  • 3 free ATM withdrawals per month
  • open an account without an official address
  • Mastercard included
  • English, German, Spanish, French & Italian
  • No free cash withdrawl abroad
Most Popular


Banking for Self-Employed
0 per month
  • €0/month!
  • Sign up in 9 minutes
  • Real-Time Tax Forecasting
  • English


Exchange money with no hidden fees
0 per month
  • Standard €0/month!
  • Send money abroad (no fees)
  • Buy Crypto
  • Buy gold/silver
  • English (24 Langauges)
€ $ £

Vivid Money

Commission-free investments in stocks and ETFs
40 Sign up bonus
  • €0/month
  • Commission-free investments in stocks
    and ETFs
  • Invest in 10+ crypto coins
  • English (or German)


Online Bank
15 sign up bonus
  • €0/month!
  • Partner card for joint accounts
  • Free withdrawl from 57763 ATMs in Germany
  • open an account without an official address
  • Visa credit card included
  • Cash withdrawl abroad
  • German only


9000 ATM's in Germany
50 Sign up bonus
  • €4,90/month
  • Free withdrawl at 9000 ATM's
  • Visa €0 first year, €29/year thereafter
  • No free cash withdrawl abroad
  • German only

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